The lighting busbar have a case of squeezing torming.Advantages:small vloum,high strength and coveniently fic, etc. Adapt for power supply and distribution of fluoescent lamp, mercuryarc lamp and other lighters anywher. Standard: 20A、40A.

The advantages of lighting busbar as below:

High quality conductor material is the premise of superior electroconductibility:Each phase conductor of the lighting busbar uses superior cable which is produced by famous brand large cable enterprises as a conductor.It can guarantee the electroconductibility of the lighting busbar for its purity no less than 99.99,hardness HB no less than 65,resistance no more than 0.01777MΩ.

The material and manufacturing process of the busway neutral line is the same as that of the phase line, and the neutral line section adopts the same cable conductor as the fire line. In the lighting system,  the two phase electricity is actually used, the neutral wire is used  the cable conductor of the cable to ensure the performance more safe and reliable.

Superior anticorrosion;aluminum magnesium alloy shell can run in humid environment for a long time without corrosion to guarantee the service life of lighting busbar.In addition, it is better to protect the ground safety performance.





AMC type aluminum case busbar trunking the rated current is 250A~5000A,the material of its frame aluminum alloy shape,through electrophoresis oxidation,beautiful shape,high structure strength,the inner structure is special empty space structure,conductor cooper of each phase used gasiso-lation after the insulation treatment,high insulation strength,so the busbar has lots of features such as:good rejection of heat,large current capacity,low temperature rise,high moving and heating stability and so on.Pratection degrees of the frame up to IP54,it can be used in heavy pollution,lots of salt haze,high humidity and so on bad environment.
The standard length of the busbar is 3m,6m,it is used in large span place,the Max.tap off current is 630A.





BMC series busbar applies to distribution system of AC 2 phases 4 lines,3 phases 5 lines,frequency 50~60Hz,rated voltage 660V below,rated current 250~5000A.It is the connecting part between LV distribution board and heavy,medium load.IT is the connecting part between transformer and LV distribution board and hezvy board.It mainly applies to modem workshop,auto manufactory,the welding cable for electrical manufacture,electric cooker used in industry,factory building and high building.
The busbar suit for long span installation,convenience installation,extremely safety reliable,flexible to arrange line,compatibility.




CCX dense busway can be classified as AC threephase three-wire, three-phase four-wire, three-wire five-wire ,whose frequency is 50Hz (or 60Hz), rated working voltage is 660V and rated working current is 100-5000A . Our products is in small size with large current transmission and complete specifications, which is safe and reliable . The installation is flexibleand the design is reasonable . Power distribution and construction do not interfere with each other. Our product Is the most ideal power supply and distribution equipment for modern large and medium-sized enterprises to introduce highrise building experimental base and other places .
A busbar with a socket can be conveniently separated by a split-switch box. The bus slot can be directly installed from the transformer to the distribution cabinet, or directly connected to the distribution system from the low voltage cabinet as a distribution trunk. The product conforms to ZBK36003-89 "dense insulated busway" standard.


Aluminum bus current rating scale




It is the ideal chose of HV large current.
The frame of GM three phase in common enclosure busbar is aluminum alloy or weak magnetic steel plate(stainless steel),inner shape conductor is rectangle,channel type(cooper or ally),system current can up to 6300A,rated working current up to 35KV.It is widely used between outgoing of power and transformer or between transformer and HV switchgear to transmission current,it can also used in DC or AC field circuit of power,it can be used as power lead wire of electric substation or other industry,domestic facilities.
Safety and reliable.
Support busbar conductor is high-grade high strength large span insulator porcelain,it can make the system has good ability of prevent short circuit,and the installation support distance of insulator porelain avoid the danger of system resonance,all over continuative frame and multiple earthing point prevent people contact power.
Lower temperature rise.
The frame of busbar is aluminum alloy or weak magnetic material can prevent induction eddy current heat,lowering temperature rises,and improves absstract heat ability,conductor connection face is covered with silver,it can lowering contact resistance,make the connection point has litter temperature rise,improve conducting power.
High protection degrees,easy operation and maintain.
Protection degrees of the frame up to IP54,it cans elimination outside moisture,dust and earthing trouble because of outside objects.Watching window,temperature remind lap or long distance supervisory control device of temperature test and so on to the two point of system or important area.




Product introduction

LDA wind power bus is suitable for connecting fan with frequency converter and fan with transformer in tower cylinder. With its excellent mechanical and electrical performance and advanced design concept, LDA wind power bus has overcome the technical problems of adverse environment, tower cylinder swing, temperature difference change and other hazards to bus groove.

Product features

The lda-f wind power generation busbar system is an air busbar structure, and the proper distance between busbars is maintained, which improves the product's ability to withstand shock current and effectively solves the damage caused by the swing of the tower cylinder in the wind field during daily operation to the product, thus eliminating potential safety hazards.

Lda-f wind power generation bus system adopts hot-dip galvanized steel plate, which has low magnetic conductivity, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, can reduce the eddy current loss of bus shell, and has a certain shielding effect on electromagnetic field, to ensure the stability of the product.

Product parameters

Main technical data of LDA wind power bus (taking 1.5mw domestic mainstream unit as an example) :
1. Rated working voltage 1000V
2. Rated insulation voltage 1000V
3. Power grid frequency: 50Hz
4. Vector frequency (rotor circuit) 6khz-3khz
5. Rotor circuit current 630A
6. Stator sub-loop current 1250A
7. Protection level of wind power bus: main IP34/IP54 cable inlet box (KE box) : IP54
8. Withstand voltage 3500 v
9. Pollution level 3
10. Operating temperature - 40 ℃ ~ 65 ℃ temperature - 40 ℃ ~ 65 ℃ (no power)
11. Maximum air humidity 95%

12. Altitude: 2000 meters

13. Air cooling mode





Product parameters



Product parameters


Overall dimensions



Product introduction

LR bus groove is made of epoxy resin and a variety of mineral insulation material after strict proportion of the overall pouring molding, suitable for a variety of harsh, high clean environment and high comprehensive performance requirements of the occasions, such as shipbuilding, petrochemical, machinery, electronics and other industries.

Product features

1. The current range is wide from 400A to 6300A

2. Air tightness and water tightness

3. High protection level IP68

4. Low voltage drop

5. The terminal unit can be customized

6. High mechanical strength

7. Easy installation and maintenance free

8. Superior price performance





Product introduction

Xl-III intensive busway system is a new type of busway system developed by zhenjiang Siemens based on the characteristics of the Chinese market and closer to the needs of users. Typical sandwich structure is adopted inside, which is a flexible and reliable new generation power distribution system with high cost performance. The automatic production degree is higher, which can meet the power distribution needs of different user groups.

Product parameters


Overall dimensions







Product features

1. Chimney protection effect: Siemens xl-iii intensive busway adopts the typical "sandwich" structure, and ensures that the whole length of the busway is dense, and there is no void formed inside, no air flow, effectively preventing chimney effect;

2. Heat dissipation mode: the busway relies on the heat conduction of the overall shell for heat dissipation, which determines that the carrying current of the xl-iii intensive busway system will not be affected by the installation location and installation mode;

3. Protection level: the design of the product fully takes into account the system's protection against external solid and liquid, without requiring users to take other measures to improve the protection level during installation. Greatly reduce the unexpected operating environment caused by the bus slot failure rate. When used in indoor environment, we can provide products with protection grade of IP54~IP65. For bus with socket, due to the influence of socket protection ability, the product protection grade is IP54.


Product introduction

LD bus slot system is air - reinforced insulated bus with good heat dissipation performance.

The system is used for high-current transmission and distribution, and is used for connecting low-voltage distribution cabinets with transformers and heavy loads. With wide current range and complete structure series, it can meet the use of various buildings with different rules, and the system design is novel and flexible, providing users with the possibility to choose a variety of schemes.

Product features

1. Quick installation

The compact design of the l-d bus system saves a lot of space. The connection between the connector and the bus depends on a single bolt, saving installation cost. At the same time, the system provides various on-site installation methods, users can choose flexibly according to the needs of the site, the site installation only needs to use torque wrench to tighten the single bolt terminals, the company is equipped with special torque wrench when shipping;

2. Reliable and safe system

IP31 bus system with heat dissipation hole cover to improve the heat dissipation performance, so as to provide a larger load flow. The enclosed cover has a protective level up to I, P, 5 and 4, and can be used in any harsh environment. The bus groove body is of high rigidity. The influence of thermal deformation on the system is considered to ensure the reliability of the system. The ground wire and zero wire which are connected first and then broken ensure the personal safety when using electricity;

3. Connection between LD system and transformer

The transformer transmits power to large equipment and low-voltage distribution cabinet through l-d system. The standard connecting terminals of LD system can be directly connected with transformers of various types and specifications. In order to avoid the impact of vibration caused by transformers during operation on the whole system, soft connection can be arranged between the two connecting terminals, and the maximum current can reach 50, 0, 0, A.

4, fire prevention

Fire prevention is very important in high-rise buildings, so L D bus in high-rise buildings should be used in the use of special fire barrier. In the event of a fire hazard, it can prevent smoke, fire and heat from spreading through the busway unit to the adjacent room or floor, and even prevent water from penetrating during the fire fighting. The fire protection time is 1, 20 min.


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