MNS LV Withrawadle Switchgear



MNS Iow voltage withdrawable switchgear is applied for power control and transmission system of AC 50Hz,rated working voltage up to 690V.It possesses the functions of controI of the equipment of power generat-ing,transmission,distribution,transforming and consumption.This type of switchgear meets with the requirements 0f IEC60439- 1,Part 500 of VDE0660 and State standard of GB7251.12- 2013. The product has passed the"3C"compulsory certification.

Operational Conditions

Ambient Temperature:Max:+45℃,Min:-5℃,+35℃ average over 24 hours.
Relative Humidity:Not exceed 50%in clear air with the max. temperature of + 40℃ ; Higher elative humidity is permitted in lower temperature.For example, the relative humidity is 90%for the temperature of+20℃。
But the variety of temperature should be taken into consideration because it's possible to condensate .
Transportation and Storage: The temperature is between - 25℃ to + 55℃ . In short time(not exceed 24h) the temperature can be + 70℃,In the limited temperature,the equipment should not suffer nonrecoverable damage and in the normal condition,the equipment should work normally.
Not:If the condition exceeds the above,please consult with our company.


1、After the professional image of product design .
2、The structure iS compact which can hold more functional units with smaller space .
3、The cubicles can be arranged rear to rear.
4、Standardized modulars are used which is convenient for designing.
5、The cubicle can be of different protection degrees according to different working and environmental requirements.
6、In one cubicle,it can be composed to different types,such as fixed and withdrawable types.
7、It is designed for arc-protection.
8、The switchgear is convenient for renewal and improvement.
9、The cubicle is almost maintenance-free .
10、It has side outgoing and rear outgoing schemes .
11、It has unique mechanical locking mechanism,which is convenient for operation without special tools .
12、The equipment is of high running continuousness and reliability.
13、A lot of high intensity fire-resistant plastic assemblies are used,which can ensure the safety of operators.

Technical data


Introduction to the Structure

Structure of Cubicle
The main frame of MNS cubicle is assembly structure by C- shaped steeI. C- shaped steeI is bended by steel plate with the mounting holes of the modules of E=25mm.
According to the need of variety of Primary Schemes,when it is equipped with necessary door,enclosed plate,installation support and the components of busbar .
functionaI units, it can be assembled a complete switchgear.The main dimension see Table 2.


MCC cubicle can be assembled to be separation cubicles at single face and double faces. Each cubicle can be divided into three small compartments : main busbar compartment, electric compartment and cable compart-ment. Detailed, see Picture 1.


Protection System

There is a fire- resistant high intensity plastic plate between main busbar compartment and electric compart-ment to prevent arc caused by faullt and shortcircuit between busbars.
The upper and lower drawers are separated by galvanized metal plate with ventilation holes.The smaller 8E/4 and 8E/2 drawers are isolated by fireresistant plastic components. So the adjacent return circuits are of good insulation and isolation In the cubicle many kinds of engineering plastic components are used to support parts. These components don't contain halogen and they are of the function of leakage protection.

Partition of Compartment

The PC cubicle is divided into four compartments:horizontal main busbar compartment,functional units compartment,cable compartment and circuit control compartment.
Withdrawable motor controI center and smalI current power distribution center(MCC)are divided into three compa rtments:horizontal main busbar compartment,functional units compartment and cable compart-ment.

Main Busbar

The switchgear can be equipped with two groups of main busbar to be mounted on the rear of busbar compa-rtment. The two groups of busbar can be mounted on the upper and down parts of the rear of cubicle res-pectively.The upper and down groups of busbar can be of same or different cross section area according to the need of incoming.The two groups can supply power alone,also can supply paralleling,and can be used for standby power.

Power Distribution BUSbar

Distribution busbar(vertical busbar)is assembled in the fire- resistant functional plates,which can prevent the discharging caused by arc, but also can prevent human from touching.They are connected to the main busbar through special connector .

Protection Wire,Neutral Wire and Connection Bar

MNS system can be laid 4 wires or 5 wires of busbar system. Protection/neutral wires are Iaid horizontally under the device and cable compartment,fixed by insulators.
Protection/neutral wires connection bar are mounted in the cable compartment vertically and fixed by insulators.
On the bars of PE, N and PEN. there are module holes for connection of cable .

Cable Channel for Auxiliary Circuit

On the top of functional compartment, cable channel for auxiliary circuit is mounted for lying of connection wires between cbicles and shared power line.


Only when the switchgear is equipped completely and inspected qualified,it can be packaged and trans-ported The Packaging can be classified single,two panels,three panels and four panels. The max package unit is 3000mm.Single package should try to be avoided to reduce the connection between mainbusbars After it's arrivaI to destination. firstly we should check whether the package is completed If it is not used at should be stored in dry and clean places.
The switchgear should be installed according to the Dimension Drawing of Frame and User should supply the channel steel for basement. If cable outgoing is needed,cable channel should be mounted The connection of main busbar should be according to lhe drawings and the surface of busbar should be cleaned and then fixed by bolts. When the withchgear is parallel connected bolts should strengthen them on the parallel connection holes The switchgear should be installed upright. When it is mounted against the wall,the least distance to the wall should be 80mm and the Ieast distance to the ceiling should be 500mm to ensure the requirement of radiation.
When the cubicle is arranged in single row,2500mm of passage in front of the cubicle is better;
when the cubicle is arranged in double rows,more than 2500mm of passage is better For double- faces maintenance cubicles,the passage at the back of cubicle should be 1200mm least.


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