KYN28-12 Metal-clad Withdrawable Switchgear



KYN28- 12metal- clad withdrawable switchgear is suitable for 3- phase AC 50Hz/3.6~12kV single busbar and single busbar section system. Apply to distribute electricity power and implement system control,protec-tion,supervision monitoring . The switchgear comply with the standards IEC62271,GB3906,DL404.

Operating Conditions

1、Ambient temperature:max. to +40℃min. to-10℃.
3、Relative humidity:daily average less than 95% ,monthly less than 90%.
4、Shock of earthquake:less than 8 magnitude.
5、This product should not be used under conditions of fire, explosion, earthquake and chemical corrosion environments.
Note:Special condition and requi rement, consult with the manufacturer.


1、Metal- cald and partition completely,efectively prevent faults spreading.
2、The low voltage section is completely separated from the high voltage sections.
3、Enclosure p rotection deg ree is IP4X, protect against electric shock and ing ress of solid foreign bodies .
4、Simple but effective interlocking prevents maloperation.
5、Space is provided for multiple cable connections .Installation and maintenance is convenient .
6、Withd rawble part of the same design are mutually interchangeable,an exchange of VCB is very simple.

Technical data


Enforced cooling is necessary when the current is over and including 31 50A of VCB.
The the rmaI stability of cu rrent transformer and cu rrent design and stability,in order to confi rm the specific.

Outline dimensions&weight


Suitable for VD4 being equipped.


The basic structure of the switchgear panel comprises the panle itself and with drawable part.
The panel is constructed by bolting to gether.
Enclosure and internal partition are of anticorrosive steeI sheets. The panel consists of four separate compart-ments, that is truck compartment, busbar compartment, cable compartment, low-voltage maintenance type, double- face maintenance type.

With drawable part can be classified by function to:
◎  VCB truck
◎  PT truck
◎  Disconnect truck
◎  Metering truck
◎  HV fuse truck etc



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